FlangedUniversal TieRodExpansion Joint
Tieduniversallateralexpansionjointsareabletoabsorblargeamounts of lateralmovement in morethanoneplainwhilstcontainingpressurethrustforces.
Themovementsoccured in twodirections can only be absorbedbyusingLateral Expansion Joints. Universal tiedexpansionjointsaremadeup of twobellowsconnectedeachotherby an intermediatepipeand a system of tierodsabletowithstandthethrustresulted of theinternalpressure.


Thistype of expansionjointsareusedtoabsorblateralmovements in allplanes. Also, with a special
positioning of twotierods at 180 degrees, theexpansionjointsbocomesabletoabsorbsomelateralandangulardeflections at thesame time.

Theamount of lateraldeflectiondepends on the convolution number of thebellows on eachside of theexpansionjoint. Thisamount can also be increasedbychangingthelength of theintermediatepipe. Thetierodsarealsoeffectivetopreventpossibletorsionforces.

Advantages of Universal Tied Expansion Joints

• Absorption of lateralmovements in allplanes
• Easytoabsorblargeexpansionmovements
• Minimum applicationarea
• Preventingaxialinaccuraciesincreasesthesystemsafety


BellowMaterial: Stainless Steel AISI 321 (opt.304,316L,316TI,309)
Connection Types: FixedFlangedandWeldedEnd
FlangeMaterial: Carbon Steel St.37.2 as standard, thematerial can be customised on request
IntermediatePipeMaterial: Carbon Steel St.37.2 as standard, thematerial can be customised on request
TieRodMaterial: Carbon Steel St.37.2 as standard, thematerial can be customised on request

Operation Conditions
Operating Temperature: -80°C/+600°C
Operating Pressure: PN 2,5/6/16/25/40/64
Nominal Diameters: DN25 (1”) – DN1000 (40”)

*As an alternativetoourstandardconstructionthese Expansion Joints can also be custommadespecificallytosuityourneeds. This can be donebymanufacturingthemfromdifferentmaterialsandtospecificdimensionsespeciallytosuiteachapplication, be it replacement of existingexpansionjointsorbrandnewsystems.

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