GFS CSST Systems

GFS® CSST system in manufactured in accordance

with BS7838 and BS EN 15266, comes in a wide

variety of size from DN15 to DN 50 and coils

from 15m to 90m.

GFS Gas Cooker Hoses

GFS® Gas Cooker Hoses are manufactured to BS EN

14800, tested at 650 degree centigrade and

suitable for Natural Gas and LPG installations,

Approved by BSI, CE marked & Kitemarked.

GFS Gas Cater Hoses

GFS® Gas Cater Hoses are manufactured to

BS669 Pt2, Suitable for use 1st/2nd and

3rd family gases and supplied with lanyard

and quick release coupler.Approved by BSI & Kitemarked.

Patended Design

Tested at 650°C According to BS EN 1775

Swivel Micropoint End

100% Tested, CE marked and Kitemarked




* Safer
* Cost Effective
* Quick and Easy Installation
* Countdown Marking
* Lightweight
* Patented Design
* Annealed for Easy Forming
* Minnimum Tooling Required
* Push&Seal Secure Mechanical Fittings
* Saves up to 70% Installation Time
* BS 7838 certified and BS EN 15266 certified

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